Publication originale : Moken, right? (A story from an isolated island)

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Moken, right? (A story from an isolated island)
- Accueil -

Date et lieu : Jeudi 30 novembre 2006 - Phang Nga, Thailand

Réalisation et mise en ligne : Jirasri DESLIS (ESCoM-FMSH, UNESCO, Paris, France), Elisabeth de PABLO (ESCoM-AAR,FMSH, Paris, France)

Langue(s) : th th


"In this film, we put the gay character in the leading role of the story because Moken and Gay are facing the same destiny in their lifes. Both of them have been looking down as something DIFFERENCE from others. However, in the beginning, the main character looks at the Moken people through his civilizer’s eyes as well and treats them as the OTHER THING. But at the end, this vocation on the Moken island made him realized that both of them also have the big wounds. The wounds that they did not make it themselves, but the society, that they were trying to be a part of, made them."
Taryart Datsathean and Phisan Sangjan, Directors

Moken are the minority who are still living on the far away islands in the Andaman Sea. Vor, a gay man, is going to chase after the guys on these islands. This adventure trip uncover how alike destiny between the Moken and the gay man like him.

Just to observe and touch the real life of Moken according to the story his friend brought to him in one fine day. When he arrived at the village, Vor was so upset that the Mokens way of life had totally changed. With his good intention, he tried to change them back to their original lives. After a fews days staying with Moken, Vor realized that new Moken had their own ways of living; they adjusted their ways to fit in the modern world. He finally understood and appreciated the moken way. He expressed his feeling about his status and compared with the moken as the marginalize people in the present.

Directed by : Mr. Taryart Datsathean / Mr. Phisan Sangjan
Running Time : : 40 Mins
Date of Conpletion : June 11, 2006
Country of Production : Thailand

Technical Information
Language: Thai (with English Subtitled)
Form : Experimental : Fiction in Documentary
Genres : Comedy / Human Rights / Docu-Drama / Reality
Genres : Asian, Gay-Lesbian, Third World

Directors / Writers / Photographers / Editors : Taryart Datsathean, Phisan Sangjan
Grip : Nattawit Khaosri
Leading Actor :Napatnach Phongsararak
Supporting Actor :Narongrit Muangmai

Previous Screening:

  • The Audience’s Choice Award : Moken’s way Campaign / 2006 / Thailand
  • Official Selection : The InDPanda International Short Film Festival / 2007 / Hong Kong
  • Official Selection : EBS International Documentary Festival / 2007 / South Korea
  • Official Selection : DOCU Plus in NADA / 2007 / South Korea
  • Official Selection : Sao Paolo International Film Festival / 2007 / Brazil
  • Official Selection : A Film For Peace Festival / 2008 / Italy
  • Official Selection : Asian Queer Film and Video Festival in Japan / 2009 / Japan
  • Official Selection : 4th Cyprus International Film Festival / 2009 / Cyprus

Taryart Datsathean

Born in Bangkok in 1982 and graduated from Kasetsart University's Faculty of Engineering. he started making a short film with “The Coin” while he was studying in the third year of Engineering with the budget of 10$. After that many films were made and got the awards as the list in filmography. In 2003, he started working with Phisan Sangjan as a co-director and we’re still making the independent film together until now.

Mr.Phisan Sangjan

Born in Nakhonsawan, Thailand in 1978. He graduated from Kasetsart University's Faculty of Agro- Industry. He started making film with Taryart Datsathean since 2003. There are a dozen films ( including shorts and documentary ).

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