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Globalization and Sustainable Development
Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
People and Cultures of the World
Semiotics, Culture, and Communication
SouthAm: Latin American Media Library
Averroès : la médiathèque France-Maghreb

Websites of institutions and foundations
UNESCO Portal  (multilingual) - On this site you will find information and links about UNESCO projects. The “Education” section includes numerous resources on literacy problems as well as cultural and linguistic diversity in education.

Culture.fr - France’s portal on culture.

CERIMES - Center for resources and information on multimedia in higher learning

CALAME - List of databases useful for those working in the social and human sciences

French Society for Visual Anthropology - The French Society for Visual Anthropology was created to promote the anthropological film in the academic and cultural sectors and to contribute to the development of visual anthropology in France. .

Committee on Ethnographic Film - The Committee on Ethnographic Film’s objective is to develop relationships between human/social sciences and the cinema and, as stated in its founding text, “to collate, conserve, and diffuse films with ethnographic value and to produce new ethnographic films”.

Ethno-Info.com - Informational site about ethnology created by GREMOC (association of ethnology researchers from the Midi-Pyrénées region) in collaboration with the Center for Social Anthropoloy and the EHESS’s regional broadcast station in Toulouse.
APCOB - The Apoyo Para el Campesino-Indígena del Oriente Boliviano is a non-governmental humanitarian organization.
The Ovahimba Years - by Rina Sherman


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