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Share your opinion with us so that we can best adapt the Audiovisual Archives of Research Portal to your needs and expectations!

ESCoM Online Survey

Start : 7 December 2007
End: 31 December 2008

Help us become more familiar with the expectations and profiles of PCW users by filling out the questionnaire below. Your information will only be used for our survey on “Audiovisual Research Archives Communities: profiles, expectations, uses.”

The results of this survey will be published regularly on the PCW Portal site. They will also be mentioned in ARA’s weekly newsletter.

We are performing this survey in the framework of our current four-year contract (2006-2009) with the French Ministry of Higher Learning and Research (MENESR), as well as our ongoing European and French R&D projects, DIVAS, LOGOS and SAPHIR. Its goal is to help us best develop our activities in audiovisual and multimedia production, semiotic description of audiovisual corpuses, indexing, and audiovisual resources publishing for research, teaching, and other professional and private uses.

Thanks for your help!

Peter Stockinger (stockinger@msh-paris.fr)
Director of ESCoM and the ARA Program

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