Publicación original : Eléments d'anthropologie post-structurale

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Eléments d'anthropologie post-structurale
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Person(s) in charge : Claude Imbert - ENS - Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

Date and place : du 16/01/2009 au 30/01/2009 - Maison Suger, 16-18 rue Suger, 75006 Paris, France

Production and publication : Lisette Winkler (ESCoM-FMSH, Paris, France), Camille BONNEMAZOU (ESCoM-FMSH, Paris, France)

Idioma(s) : Français Français

Resultados del evento de los AAI : "Eléments d'anthropologie post-structurale"

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If colonialism was an important historical a priori of anthropology as an intellectual project, indications exist to suggest that its present karmic cycle is about to be completed just as other possibilities emerge on the horizon. If so, it clearly becomes imperative that we conclude the process of the discipline's decolonization by transposing our analysis to anthropology's plane of epistemic inauguration. This is an arduous task, not to be confused with eternal declarations of our best ideological intentions or with the somewhat undignified claim to the urgent "concrete" relevance of the matters that we bring into focus. But we need to try. The guilt trips and blame games are over. Time to think.


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