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Bebekan Village in Java: Oral Testimony after the Earthquake of May 2006
Rumah batu/Rumah batin, "House of Stone/House of Soul"

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Bebekan Village in Java: Oral Testimony after the Earthquake of May 2006
Rumah batu/Rumah batin, "House of Stone/House of Soul"
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The Village of Bebekan (Java) after the Earthquake of May 2006: Rumah batu/Rumah batin, "House of Stone/House of Soul"

Length: 1h 11mn 04s 85
Language: French
Video of a seminar   Shot  on  mercredi 28 mars 2007  in  Musée du quai Branly, Paris


Elizabeth D. Inandiak, Interviewee
Journalist, star reporter
Email: inandiak@idola.net.id

Elizabeth D. INANDIAK was trained at Sciences-Po and is quadrilingual (French-German-English-Indonesian) with a basic knowledge of Japanese. She has produced a rich and highly diverse intellectual œuvre: she is a translator (fables by the Chinese-Singaporean writer, Tan Swie Hian), a screenwriter (Havre, 1987; Une Histoire de Vent, 1988; Sur les traces de Conrad, a documentary for Arte; La Petite Prairie aux Bouleaux, 2002), a writer (Sa Majesté-Titi les Graffitis; Les Mots de la Tribu; L’Ogre-Capitaine; Les Enfants du Monde; Château Rouge; Le Banian Bland; Le Livre de Cethini ou Les changs de l’île à dormir debout). She was the Courrier International’s Indonesia correspondent from 1997 to 2005. She is currently working on the story of a great yogi and Bengali Buddhist monk from the 11th century and its relics: Atisha-The Path of Ashes.

Village de Bebekan
"Ce jour là, la terre tremblera d'un profond tremblement, et les hommes diront: qu'a-t-elle en ce moment?" "Ce jour là, la terre racontera sa propre histoire, telle que son Seigneur la lui a donnée à voir..." Telle est l'histoire de la terre de Bebekan, un village javanais en forme d'île au milieu d'un océan de rizières dont l'esprit "gotong-royong" (entre-aide communautaire) a fait voile jusqu'en France, en Espagne, au Brésil, au Japon, au Canada, à Singapour...

Solidarité Indonésie : lettre de Java

Scientific discipline(s)

Cultural anthropology
Development economics
Educational sociology

In May 2006, the natural disaster caused by the Tsunami that hit the island of Java was followed by intense volcanic activity, which destroyed the village of Bebekan at the foot of the Merapi volcano. After this natural disaster, Elisabeth INANDIAK PRASETYO, an international journalist focusing on Indonesia, initiated a humanitarian aid project based on a micro-economic approach that aimed at getting villagers involved in the rebuilding process. In this video, she explains how the Bebekan Village Project played out and discusses the importance of implementing humanitarian aid that is adapted to the local populations’ way of life. “On that day, the Earth will shake and tremble, and humans will ask, ‘what is the matter with her?’ On that day, the Earth will tell her own story inspired by her Lord..." Such is the story of the earth at Bebekan, a Javanese village shaped like an island floating on a green ocean of rice patties. Its spirit of "gotong-royong" (community collaboration) has travelled all the way to France, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Canada, and other countries.

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Bebekan Village

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