PCM - Immigration, Communautés transnationales et citoyenneté
Publication originale : Immigration, Communautés transnationales et citoyenneté

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Immigration, communities and transnational nationalism

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Immigration, communities and transnational nationalism
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Immigration, transnational communities and citizenship

Length: 1h 20mn 30s 23
Language: French
Video of an interview with researcher   Shot  on  lundi 14 juin 2004  in  FMSH, 56 bd.Raspail, 75006 Paris


Riva Kastoryano, Interviewee
Researcher, teacher in Political Sciences Institut
CNRS; the Institute for Political Studies in Paris (Scienes Po')

Riva Kasoryano is a researcher in the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Researches in France) and is a teacher in the Institute of Political Studies of Paris. She dedicated the most part of her researches to the themes of identity, minority, formiation of community and notably relations of these with States, including the situation of migrations in Europe and in the United States and the situation of minorities in Ottoman Empire and contemporary Turkey. She is the author of "La France, l’Allemagne et leurs Immigrés. Négocier l’identité" ("France, Germany and their Immigrants. To negotiate identity") (Paris, Armand Colin,1997) and she coordinated a collective work -"Quelle identité pour l’Europe ? Le multiculturalisme à l’épreuve" ("What identity for Europe? The multiculturalism in assay") (Paris, Presses of Sciences-Po,1998); "Nationalism in mutation in Oriental Mediterranean Sea" with Alain Dieckhoff (Paris, Presses of the CNRS, 2002).

Peter Stockinger, Interviewer
Directeur d'ESCOM, Professeur d'Université

Scientific discipline(s)

European law
Comparative politics
Political sociology

Riva Kastoryano gives in this interview the definitions of terms such as immigration, inegration, transnational community, diaspora, transnational nationalism, and describes their functioning in States and at the transnational level, their influence on States of origine. The researcher particularly compares two Turkish communities in France and Turkish communities in France and Germany. She examines, more in general, the muslim immigration in Europe.

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