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Who We Are
The Portal
The Audiovisual Research Archives Program welcomes you to its online library devoted to the cultural heritage of the world’s various peoples.

This site currently includes 49 interviews (excerpts), 15 colloquiums (excerpts), 15 research seminars (excerpts), 21 special reports (excerpts).

The Portal

The “People and Cultures of the World” site is an audiovisual and multimedia portal – an online library – devoted to material and immaterial cultural heritage (according to UNESCO’s definition), as well as to the construction, maintenance, and evolution of peoples’ socio-cultural identity in the contemporary and globalized world.

By giving a voice to researchers, teachers, artists, professionals, journalists, political figures, civil society representatives and – of course – the actual people themselves, the constantly evolving “People and Cultures of the World” portal aims at being:

The audiovisual and multimedia collection is organized thematically around a few main topics, including:

The audiovisual collection found on the “People and Cultures of the World” portal is primarily enriched by the ARA Program’s (Audiovisual Research Archives) collection set up by the Cognitive Semiotics and New Medias Team (ESCoM), a R & D service of the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH)in Paris. But it also includes other audiovisual, visual, textual, etc. resources from collections of institutional and private partners from all over the world. The portal’s content is constantly evolving and improving.

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