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: The Knowledge of Bebekan

Elisabeth INANDIAK PRASETYO discusses the behavior of Bebekan villagers, who behaved like heroes (not like victims) when the earthquake refugees began pouring in from all directions. She develops her idea with a concrete example. She tells us that, during the earthquake, the Bebekan villagers were celebrating a wedding on one home’s balcony, which collapsed and killed two people. According to Islamic tradition, the dead people were quickly buried, which allowed the villagers to continue celebrating the wedding amidst the ruins. She indicates that many victims of the earthquake started to converge on Bebekan and were welcomed with leaves of palm or teak, representing a portion of the wedding feast, before returning to the cemetery for the night.

Extract from the folder :
"The Village of Bebekan (Java) after the Earthquake of May 2006"
"Rumah batu/Rumah batin, "House of Stone/House of Soul"

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