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Viewing the videos
If you’re having trouble viewing the videos
1. Try the “low bandwidth” version available in the “Select Format” menu under the player.
2. Try using the help links located below the “Select Format” menu.
These are marked by the symbol: .
3. Check your internet connection. A minimum connection speed of 150 kb/s is required for viewing the videos.
4. Make sure your media player (more info) and internet browser (more info) are updated and compatible.
5. Make sure your firewall (personal or institutional) does not block access to streaming video (more info).

Media Players
Microsoft Windows Media Palyer is required (version 9 or later).
You can download or update Windows Media Player by clicking here .

> For Mac users : the Flip4Mac WMV tool lets you watch videos in Windows Media format via your Quicktime player. In this case, you do not need to download Windows Media Player. To download Flip4Mac WMV, click here.

Some videos are only available in Flash video format. To view these, you will need Adobe Flash Player (version 8 or later). To download or update Flash Player, click here.

Internet Browsers
This site is compatible with the following browsers:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer : version 6 or later >> Download latest version
- Mozilla Firefox : version 1.5 or later >> Download latest version
- Apple Safari : version 1.3.2 or later >> Download latest version

Streaming Video
All videos on this site are diffused as real-time streams. The term "stream" is often misused to describe downloadable audiovisual content. Streaming consists in diffusing user requested content in real-time without any downloading. This has several advantages:
- The user can instantly view any section of a video without having to wait for it to be downloaded.
- Video quality is adapted to the user’s connection speed.
- We can offer users “virtual” videos based on selections from various different videos.

If you are still having problems viewing the audiovisual resources on our site, feel free to send us an e-mail:

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