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Hypermedia Folders
What is a hypermedia folder ?
What is a hypermedia folder ?
Hypermedia folders are republications of selected audiovisual corpuses from the PCW Portal’s online library. Most of the time, they are republications of an original video (interview with researcher, seminar, documentary, recording, etc), which is then adapted to more specific uses (namely educational, journalistic, and for professionals working in associations, NGOs, and international institutions, for example).

Concretely, a hypermedia folder is presented as a website that includes a homepage and three main sections :
- The “Excerpts” section, which includes all video sequences selected for publication in the hypermedia folder;
- The “Themes” section, which includes all knowledge topics addressed in the selected video sequences ;
- The “Index,” which lists all the important terminology used in the selected video sequences.
Lastly, video sequences found in a hypermedia folder are often annotated, have comments, and are enhanced by additional educational or informational resources in order for the hypermedia folder user to learn as much as possible.

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