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Bilingual Folders
What is a bilingual folder ?
What is a bilingual folder ?
The PCW Portal’s audiovisual resources (like any video/online library) are produced in an original language (or at least one main language). On the PCW Portal, most original videos are in French (but there are videos produced in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and others).

However, the main challenge is making content expressed in one language accessible to a community of users (readers, spectators…) who are not familiar enough with the original language to understand the video. The republication genre called “Bilingual Folder” is one possible solution for overcoming this language barrier.

Bilingual folders are compiled using hypermedia folder (monolingual) created from an original video. They provide either a “loyal” version or an abridged/summarized version in the selected target language.

In fact, unlike in traditional/professional translation, the goal for bilingual folders is for them to be a type of help service for understanding content produced in a language with which the user is not adequately familiar.

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