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Video Library
Video Library
Video Library
The online library includes a rich collection of audiovisual resources documenting research and teaching about the cultural heritage of the world’s peoples, the relationships between peoples, and the issue of sociocultural identities and their evolution through history.

In addition to the scientific resources, the online library also contains documentaries, special reports, snapshots and recordings of events, scenes from daily life, social practices as well as recordings of artistic performances and exhibitions.

The online library’s audiovisual resources come from the Audiovisual Research Archives (ARA) and its institutional partners in France and elsewhere in the World.

The online library currently includes 278 hours of online videos and will be continuously enriched thanks to the intellectual, financial, and logistical support from the “People and Cultures of the World” Portal’s many partners and friends.

Together with the hypermedia encyclopedia and republished original videos, the “People and Cultures of the World” online library aims at being a tool for research and higher learning that promotes awareness and respect of cultural diversity, free and critical dialogue between cultures and civilizations, and the immense cultural richness of humanity.

The library’s Thematic Catalogue proposes some thirty broad topics the visitor can use for exploring the online collection
The library’s Collections group the audiovisual corpus into a few broad genres, such as “interview” with researcher, teacher, professional, involved actor, “conferences,” “seminars,” “documentaries,” etc.
The Videos in Original Version section contains the library’s entire collection organized by source language
The Authors section lists all people who have contributed to the online library’s collection in alphabetical order
The Browse All Collections section lists all videos in chronological order.

Advanced Search
The "People and Cultures of the World" Portal (PCW) offers online audiovisual resources composed of interviews with French and foreign researchers, colloquiums, seminars, but also documentaries, special reports, or other various recordings.

These videos are grouped into some thirty main research topics. You can use the form below to find “your” video(s). Do not forget that you can combine several criteria to refine your search :


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