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From Biology to Biosemiotics
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Responsabile(i) dell'intervista: Dario Martinelli

Data e luogo dell'intervista: 07/06/2004 -
International Semiotic Institute-Imatra, Finland

Realizzazione: Camille BONNEMAZOU (ESCoM-FMSH, Paris, France)

Lingua(e) : English English

Pubblicato dagli avvenimenti AAR : "From Biology to Biosemiotics"

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Kalevi KULL is one of the leading figures in Biosemiotics nowadays. He is professor in the Department of Semiotics at the famous Tartu University, Estonia. His current interests are the Theory of evolution, the Theory of plant communities and species co-existence and also Theoretical biology (and its history). If you want to know more on these research subjects, visit the web site of Kalevi Kull :

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