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Project Activities


The main activities of the Euforbia project are organised in 6 principal work packages :

WP 1:
Set up of the general, non-technical (sociological, juridical etc.) framework of the EUFORBIA project.

WP 2:
Set up of the technical project framework, requirements and design.

WP 3:
Detailed specification and implementation of the NKRL tools required to annotate the Internet documents and to set up the rules for (automated) rating and filtering.

WP 4:
Detailed specification and software implementation of the version of the Milan model to be used in the EUFORBIA prototype.

WP 5:
Integration of the tools built up in the previous workpackages in the framework of an EUFORBIA prototype demonstrator ; test of the demonstrator making use of the EUFORBIA corpus.

WP 6:
Evaluation, exploitation and dissemination of results.