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The Milan model info page


The Milan model is a content-based authorisation model for Digital Libraries which carry out interactions among information and knowledge producers. The Milan Model approach to filtering concerns mainly the utilisation of "user profiles" according to a credential based mode of functioning. It consists of a credential name and a set of credential attributes values. The Milan model can allow the definition of specific access policies for specific users according to values of the credential attributes set.

The Milan model is developped by E. Bertino, E. Ferrari and A. Perego at the Department of Computer Science - UNIMI (University of Milan). A full description of the Milan model is provided in the deliverable D8 document (see Deliverables page).

For further information on Milan Model :

MaX : An access Control System for Digital Libraries and the Web (COMPSAC 2002)
A presentation of MaX, a comprehensive system for enforcing access control, specifically tailored to both DL and Web environments. pdf version