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Project Presentation


The Euforbia project aims to demonstrate the possibility of using an unbiased and semantic-rich approach for executing a really accurate (rating and) filtering of Internet documents.

From a technical point of view, the gist of the proposal consists in the combination of two already established techniques. The first (NKRL-like tools) will be used for “annotating” the documents, i.e., for associating with them an in-depth, formalised and neutral description ("annotation") of the "semantic content" of these documents.

The second (Milan model for filtrating access) generalises and makes more flexible the approaches based on the PICS standard by organising the important notions of the domain into a hierarchy of concepts instead as a set of simple keywords.

If-then rules based on the annotations will be used according to two strategies. In the first, they will be used to calculate the rating categories and the associated values needed by the Milan model ; in the second, they will be employed autonomously to filtrate the Internet documents.

A prototype, running software system implementing the above two-fold approach will be realised by the consortium during the two years of the project ; it will be implemented in Java and XML for a full integration in the Internet framework. The prototype will be developed under the control of an "EUFORBIA user group", active during the whole life span (2 years) of the project.

The project has started officially the 2nd january 2001 and will lasten till the end of december 2002.